The Bridal Society was established in 2007 and quickly became the most well-respected Wedding Planning Certification program. With over 5,000 members of wedding planners and wedding venues, The Bridal Society is the leading certification conference in the nation. Partnering with companies like The Knot, Kleinfeld Bridal Party, Aisle Planner, Timeline Genius, Equality Institute, along with some of the largest universities and colleges there are, The Bridal Society offers members the true value of community over competition.

Recently, The Bridal Society added a new division, The Wedding Professional Society. It has always been our mission to raise the standards in the wedding industry. We can do this by offering FREE online workshops and creating a higher level of professionalism by bringing professionals together in a way that has never done before. In our FREE industry workshops, we talk about how to grow your business in all service categories (baker, planner, photographer, caterer, etc.) and what can be done by all in order to work together more seamlessly.

Additionally, The Wedding Professional Society is setting a standard of professionalism that will help prevent imposters from giving true professionals a bad name. Take a look at the 3 different levels of membership the Wedding Professional Society offers (FREE Wedding Pro Member; Accredited Business; Expert Wedding Pro) to see which would be the best fit for you and your business. You can also take this quiz to help you decide.

We look forward to having you join The Wedding Professional Society so that we can all work together to improve the wedding industry.


noun  |  brid·al   |  \ ˈbrī-dᵊl \

Definition of Bridal:

a marriage festival or ceremony


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