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Why is accreditation important for the wedding industry?

Until recently, the wedding industry has been unregulated. Without regulation, wedding couples have no way of knowing if the wedding professionals they are considering have the qualifications and experience necessary to provide the services they need at the professional level they deserve. When a business gains accreditation through The Bridal Society, it distinguishes itself as a business that is licensed, insured, experienced, and qualified to offer superior service.

Why does The Bridal Society offer accreditation?

The goal of The Bridal Society has always been to bring a higher level of professionalism to the wedding industry through education and support. There is a pressing need to raise awareness with wedding couples about the importance of working with licensed, insured, experienced, and professional wedding vendors. By offering a pathway to business accreditation that is specific to the wedding industry, we empower business owners to set themselves apart as experts in their field.

What are the requirements to gain accreditation through The Bridal Society?

The process of accreditation with The Bridal Society requires applicants to submit paperwork showing that they work well with other wedding professionals and engaged couples. They will need to have been in business for at least 3 years. They will also need to prove that they are properly insured. All accredited businesses will be required to sign The Bridal Society's code of ethics. Click here for a list of The Bridal Society requirements.

What is the fee for accreditation?

The fee for accreditation with The Bridal Society is $250 for the first year and all approved applicants will receive lifetime membership. The cost to renew accreditation is $175 each consecutive year.

How long will my accreditation last?

After approval, your accreditation will be valid for 1 year with an option to renew it after your accreditation expires.

What are some other benefits of gaining accreditation with The Bridal Society?

In addition to identifying your business as one that has been vetted and that provides superior customer service, you will receive a badge showing that you are accredited, which you can use on all marketing materials. You will gain access to The Bridal Society's Online Industry Workshops, and you will have a listing on The Bridal Society's Accredited Business Directory, which is made available to our membership of over 4,500 Certified Wedding Planners from around the world.

Will I receive a refund if I am not approved?

If you are not approved for accreditation, we will refund the amount you paid, minus a $100 processing fee.

What is The Bridal Society's Code of Ethics?

  • I will act and speak professionally and responsibly at all times.
  • I will have fair and reasonable fees for the services I provide.
  • I will explain my fees clearly with clients and vendors and will have no hidden fees.
  • I will not engage in false or misleading advertising.
  • I will treat other wedding professionals with respect.
  • I will protect my clients from fraud and unfair practices.
  • I will use The Bridal Society's "Accredited Wedding Professional" badge only as authorized.
  • I will respond in a timely manner to all correspondence.
  • I will cooperate with The Bridal Society to help raise the standards in the wedding industry.
  • I will maintain all licensing and insurance requirements for the state, county and city in which I do business.

Where can someone file a complaint about an Accredited Wedding Professional?

If someone has a complaint about an Accredited Wedding Professional, they may complete the Complaint Form on this website. An investigation will be initiated, which will include collecting statements from all parties involved. Our role as a neutral party is to create an atmosphere of open communication and to bring a resolution to the situation for the benefit of both parties. Accredited Wedding Professionals who do not adhere to our Code of Ethics will have their accreditation revoked.

Can my accreditation be revoked?

If someone has a complaint about an Accredited Wedding Professional, they may complete the Complaint Form on this website. An investigation will be inititiated, which will include collecting statements from all parties involved. After a thorough review, our board will make a recommendation. The infraction would need to be a flagrant violation of our Code of Ethics in order to warrant the revocation of your accreditation. If it is determined that your accreditation should be revoked, you will be notified immediately, and all accreditation badges will need to be disabled within 24 hours of notice. No refund is given to a member whose accreditation has been revoked.

Where is The Bridal Society located?

The Bridal Society is located in Blairsville, GA which is two hours north of Atlanta. We provide our Certification program for wedding planners and venue coordinators online and in cities across the country. We also provide a pathway to accreditation for all wedding professionals.

What is the difference between Certification and Accreditation?

Certification is for wedding planners and wedding venue owners/employees who complete the training conference with us. It includes 16 hours of intense course work and includes lifetime membership and support. Accreditation is for all other wedding professionals who meet our industry standards. It also includes lifetime membership and support.

Do I have to become certified to become accredited?

No, many of our Certified Wedding Planners are also accredited but you are not required to complete our certification program in order to become accredited. Our Certification program is designed for wedding planners and wedding venue owners/employees.


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